Anisotropic Diffusion in ITK

Interactive Figures

These are interactive figures that reproduce results from an open science article on an imaging denoising technique, anisotropic non-linear diffusion.

Results on this page are dynamically generated by your web browser, utilizing the same code and data presented in the article. Figure reproduction presets can be selected, which load the input image and set analysis parameters to the values used for a given article figure. It is also possible to modify parameters and see their effects. Or, run the algorithm on your own PNG image.

Input Image
PacMan cEED
PacMan cCED
PacMan Isotropic
FingerPrint cEED
FingerPrint cCED
FingerPrint I
Lena_Detail cEED
Lena_Detail cCED
Lena_Detail I
Oscillations cEED
Oscillations EED
Triangle cEED
Triangle EED
Diffusion Time, \( T\)  0.5         50
Lambda, \( \lambda\)  0.5         0.0001
Weickert Diffusion Type
Noise Scale, \( \sigma\)  0.5         5
Feature Scale, \( \rho\)  2.0         6
Exponent, \( m\)  1.0         6