What’s New in Release 4.2.1


A summary of what is new in the 4.2.1 patch release.


Release 4.2.1 was a bugfix/patch release. This release addressed some critical build and performance issues.

  • Important performance gains were the result of efforts by community members Bradley Lowekamp and Kent Williams through the removal of filter GetInput/GetOutput calls in inner loops.
  • Compilation errors were fixed for Visual Studio 2012.
  • A number of CMake/WrapITK issues were addressed to improve Python wrapping on Windows.
  • There were also other assorted fixes.
  • The next minor feature release, v4.3.0, is scheduled for December.

List of commits

Bradley Lowekamp (5):
      COMP: fixing error when instatiated with image of double
      PERF: remove per sample allocation, use per-thread structure
      BUG: prevent static initialization fiasco during factory registration
      BUG: fix writing a corrupt meta image header from unknown metadata
      BUG: fix for overlay functor for llvm optimization bug

Cory Quammen (1):
      BUG: Added missing include <algorithm>

Hans Johnson (3):
      BUG: Test harness gave false positives
      BUG: Remove duplicate file in wrong place
      COMP: Remove unnecessary const_cast.

Ho Cheung (2):
      COMP: Add "#include <functional>" to classes for VS2012
      PERF: Fix usage of ElementAt in PolyLineParametricPath to use const version

Kent Williams (2):
      PERF: Pull expensive GetInput/GetOutput calls out of inner loops
      COMP: propogate compiler selection & flags to FFTW build

Kris Zygmunt (1):
      BUG: GPU tests sometimes fails

Matthew McCormick (4):
      BUG: Fix GCC_XML and SWIG ExternalProject dependencies.
      BUG: Fix WrapITK GCCXML ExternalProject dependency.
      COMP: Make sure the VC script gets executed after gccxml installation.
      BUG: Fix multi-object MetaIO reading for ASCII MetaVesselTube.

Matthias Seise (1):
      COMP: Compile wrapITK for python2.7,64bit on windows

Willi Huber (1):
      COMP: WrapITK generates non-unique typedefs in FFT submodule


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