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This is a training ground for The Next Generation of ITK Community Members. The Insight Toolkit (ITK) is a medical image analysis toolkit written in C++ that has wrappings for many other languages.

A bar camp is an “open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by participants.” While bar camps have traditionally been physical conferences, the ITK Bar Camp sessions take place online through venues such as a Google Hangout. The short, informal, and educational sessions are intended to enrich and grow the ITK community.

This page contains supporting material and archives of ITK Bar Camp Hangouts where members gather to discuss topics such as community contribution, programming in C++, image processing and analysis theory and practice, quality software practices, and working with ITK.

To take part in the hangouts, follow the ITK Bar Camp Google+ page with your Google+ profile. Planned hangouts will be posted there and the ITK mailing lists. If you are following the ITK Bar Camp Google+ page, you will receive invitations to the hangouts.

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